March 15, 2015

Writing Samples from Luke

It’s been fun to read the first grade writing samples that Luke brainstorms and then writes during Writing Time at school.  The teacher gives a topic and then they spend some time making a idea web and then writing.   Spelling corrected so you could read it!

Topic – The Best Christmas:  Germany Christmas

My favorite Christmas was my Christmas in Germany.  First my mom and dad woke up and then woke up everybody.  After mom and dad woke every body up, then dad opened the line.  Everyone rant to see their stockings.  I got almost everything I wanted.  Then we ate breakfast.  Mom made Christmas breakfast.  I was so yummy!  It was yummy like a big pile of ice cream!  After we ate breakfast, we started to open presents.  My favorite present was Woody of a Potato Head.  I loved the Woody Potato head because every time it’s arm fell off.  Then I laughed the hardest I could.  After we opened presents, we had a good prayer “Heavenly Father, thank you for our dear blessings.  Please bless that we will have a great day.  Please bless that we will have a great day.  Please bless that we will have some great holidays like this holiday.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”  My dad said a good prayer.  I think Christmas is the best, only if it is at Germany.

Topic – The Best Part of the Playground:  The Swings

The best part of the playground is the swings.  I think it is the best because I swing high.  When I go on the swings I pretend that I am flying like Superman.  It is also my favorite part because I like jumping off of the swings.  It makes me feel as high as space.  In my opinion, the swings are definitely the greatest part of the playground.

Topic – My Favorite Animals:  Turtles

I love turtles.  Turtles are my favorite animal.  There is a bunch of reasons why.  First, they are the best because they are so slow.  I like that they are slow because it would be fun to go easy on them if we play tag with them.  Another reason why I like how they are slow is when they walk on the sand, it makes a big turtle trail.  They look cool in their shell, and it is cool with their shell protecting themselves.  It is ridiculous when the turtles are in their shell and they float in the water.  Another good reason is that they can go on land and water.  It is cool because if a scary animal chases a turtle from far away, it will go slow on land.  Once they get on the water they start to go faster and faster.  I think turtles are the best water animals in the whole wide world.

Topic – What is Winter

Winter is a bunch of pillows on the ground outside.

Winter is sledding on a giant hill.

Winter is the North pole.

Winter is making a snow angel.

Winter is freezing fingers.


Topic – My Hawaii Vacation: Kauai Hawaii

Me and my family went on a trip to Hawaii.  One of my favorites was going to the Beach.  It was fun because we made a lot of sand castles.  Then we got in the water and then ran away from the waves.  We played with sand toys too.  I like the sand toy that you put sand in it and then it spins and lands on the sand.  Another place I liked that was at Hawaii, was the swimming pool.  The swimming pool is fun because there is a big hot tub and it was fun to swim in the deep end.  At the pool we have water toys that are Hulk, Ironman, and Captain America.  We went to restaurants.  My favorite one is Bubba Burgers.  My favorite food is a Burger.  At Bubba Burgers me and my family liked to say ‘Aloha’ to the people.  We also went snorkeling too.  I like snorkeling because we get to see fish.  The first day we went snorkeling I saw one fish but the next time I went I saw a lot of fish.  Me and my family will go to Hawaii again because it is the best place ever.


Topic – If I could be any Storybook Character: Ash

If I could be any story book character, I would be Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon TV Series.  I really want to be Ash because he’s in Pokémon and Pokémon is my favorite video game in the whole world.  He is good at catching Pokémon.  If I was Ash I would catch all my favorite Pokémon like Sither, Julteon, Blastoise, Charzard, Muck and a bunch of other Pokémon.  Ash is going to be the greatest master of them all.  I want to be the greatest master too.  I think Ash Ketchum is the best story book character any one can pick.

January 27, 2015

Camping with Cousins

Finally got around to posting about such a fun camping trip we had with the Johnson side last summer.  I want to go back!     Camping with the Johnsons at Smith and Morehouse


January 26, 2015

Time Capsule–Part One

In 2000, when I was a Young Women leader in the Montgomery Village Ward in Maryland I did a time capsule activity with my Beehives.  I decided it would be fun to do one myself.  I thought it would be interesting to note some of the details of our life, what we enjoyed and where we thought we’d be in the future.  At the time Chris was 26, I was 25 and Ryan was 18 months.

I recently pulled it out for Family Home Evening and shared it with the kids.  SO FUN to go back and read exactly 15 years later.  I’ll add some notes {in Red} to my original 2000 notes.

family pic-1


  • Scripture study after dinner and dishes.  Emphasize studying and marking scriptures.
  • Temple Attendance – once a month!
  • FHE every Monday night – start with a song & prayer.  Have a lesson/activity with family.
  • Chris will enjoy family time from 4:30 – 8:00 but needs to be studying by 8:00pm every week night.
  • Ryan’s night time schedule.  At 7:40 pjs, story/song, brush teeth, say family prayer and then to bed by 8:00.
  • Be better about morning and nightly prayers
  • Sunday morning: by Ready to go by 10:00.  Then read scriptures, watch church videos.  Be to church 15 minutes early.

{Sounds like the list of goals I’ve had every year since}


  • Chris: “I wake up at 5:45am and leave for school at 6:20am.  I spend the day in classes or studying and get home at 4:30.  Lisa, Ryan and I play until 8:00 or so.  I often have a basketball game or young men’s activity.  I go to bed around 11:00pm thinking I probably should have studied.”
  • Lisa:  “I wake up when Ryan does… usually about 7:30 or 8:00.  Then we eat breakfast and lounge around upstairs getting ready, checking email, and cleaning up.  Because I’m pregnant I eat quite a few times a day.  I often watch Price is Right during one of my lunches.  I scrapbook, or clean, or get together with friends in the afternoon and fix dinner while watching Oprah.  We eat, read scriptures, play and I’m ready for bed by about 9:30pm.”
  • Ryan: Wake up, eat a ‘nana’, watch a Disney movie, eat again, play with Fisher Price little people toys and animals, eat, take a nap, play with the kitchen stuff while Mom makes dinner and wait for Daddy to come home, play, play, play with Daddy, eat, play, read stories, go to bed.


We enjoy spending time together.  We enjoy camping, hiking and playing outside even if it’s just a short walk.  Chris loves sports… especially golf, soccer and basketball.  I love scrapbooking, tole-painting, and am starting to get interested in sewing crafty projects.  I love to email and write to my family and friends.  Ryan loves to play with balls and little people and animals.  He LOVES 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp.  His face lights up when he sees the playground.  He loves to run around and play with Dad.


Music we listen to a lot right now:

  • Chris – Anything 80’s, Les Mis soundtrack, Christmas Music
  • Lisa – Celine Dion, Hope Floats and Runaway Bride Soundtracks

Favorite Movies:

  • Chris – Star Wars Phantom Menace
  • Lisa – Runaway Bride, You’ve Got Mail
  • Ryan – Toy Story 2, 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp

Favorite Meals:

  • Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Roast and mashed potatoes, Tacos, Lasagna, Jell-O, Blizzard Fruity Pebbles, Macaroni and Cheese Spirals (Lisa) PB&J sandwiches (Chris)

Favorite TV Shows:

  • Friends, ER


Our Ward is fantastic.  We are in the Montgomery Village Ward.  Bishop Christensen is bishop.  President Harmon is the Stake President and an incredible man.  Our prophet right now is Gordon B. Hinckley with President Monson and President Faust as counselors.  Our callings in the ward are with the youth.  Christ is the 1st counselor in the YM presidency.  Lisa is the Beehive Advisor.  Ryan just started going to nursery and loves it.

CAREER DIRECTION  (written by Chris)

We plan to do a Pediatric rotation at Madigan next year to help us get a residency slot there in two years.  After the three year residency, we will spend the rest of our time in the Army at Madigan except for a two year tour in a different country.  Barring the possibility of a fellowship in Pediatrics, we will leave the army in the year 2012.  Then I think we will move to Utah to work in a clinic or at the Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.  I will retire in the year 2030 to pursue other interests.

{Actual: We did do Pediatric rotation at Madigan but ended up deciding to pursue Radiology and were excited to get a Radiology Residency slot at Madigan which was a five year residency instead of three years.  We did not spend the rest of our time in the Army at Madigan but we did do a tour in a different country – a 3 year assignment in Germany.  Additionally we lived in Columbus, Georgia and Colorado Springs, Colorado before getting out of the army in 2015.    I don’t think retiring in the year 2030 is likely either… what were we thinking?}


In 5 years we will be in our 3rd year of residency at Madigan.  Lisa will be due with or will have just had our fourth child.  Our guess: 3 boys and 1 girl.  We will be living in base housing and preparing to buy our first home.

{Actual: We were in fact doing our 3rd year of residency at Madigan – only it wasn’t in Pediatrics, it was in Radiology.  In 2005 I did have our fourth child – Megan.  That would be 1 boy and 3 girls – exactly opposite of what I had guessed.  We never did live in base housing.   In 2005 we built, purchased and moved into our second home in DuPont, Washington.  We kept the first one as an investment and rented it out.}


We’ll have 6 kids.  4 boys and 2 girls.  Mom is busy driving the Suburban from sports to piano lessons.  We’ll be taking great family vacations and fun adult vacations with Adam and Marilee.

{Actual: In 2010 we did have 6 kids.  We got that one right.  But of course we have 3 boys and 3 girls.  Matthew was born in May of 2009.   I was a busy mom driving from sports to piano lessons but we didn’t have a suburban.  I really loved my red mini van with automatic sliding side doors.   We loved taking great vacations – some of our favorites were a trip to HAWAII with Adam and Marilee, a CARRIBEAN cruise with the Walton Adults, a trip to DESTIN, FLORIDA, with the Johnsons,  a DISNEY CRUISE with the Crawfords… }


Our youngest will be 10 years old.  Ryan will be just home from his mission (foreign).  Our Second will be a freshman at RICKS.  Dad’s golfing a lot and driving a 2015 Honda.

{Well, we are still five years away from this 20 year prediction.  We’ll just have to see!}

January 24, 2015

Time Capsule–Part Two

After reading our Time capsule’s from the year 2000, I had the kids predict their own future for Family Home Evening.  The originals will go in our FHE binder…  These make me smile.   I love that you can just tell that these are our children – and I especially love that our little boys ‘teenage’ predictions seem to nod to Ryan. 


  • In 5 Years:  I will be 21.  I will be home from my mission and going to BYU or BYUI.  I will be dating lots of girls a lot.  Ballroom Dancing/Double Dates with Katie
  • In 10 Years:  I will be 26.  I will be married to a beautiful woman.  She will be pregnant with a boy.  I will have a job (or be in school) as an orthodontist/doctor/something mathematical.
  • In 20 Years:  I will be 36.  I will have 6 Kids.  The 3 oldest will be in elementary school and my youngest will be turning 1.  We will go on a Disney Cruise.


  • In 5 Years:  I will be 19.  I may be leaving on a mission (Deutschland!) or being an EFY counselor, preparing to to to college at BYU.  Lots of dating!  Double dates with Ryan.
  • In 10 Years:  I will be 24.  Getting married to the man of my dreams or dating.  I’ll be done with BYU and be working as an Elementary School Teacher.  I’ll be holding Ryan’s babies!
  • In 20 Years:  I’ll be 34.  I’ll be pregnant with my 5th child.  (3 boys and 2 girls).  William – Henry – David – Macy – Amber


  • In 5 Years:  I will be 16.  I will have a drivers license and will be going on double dates.  I will be in 11th grade, will go to Stake dances and Seminary.  I will also have my own red car.
  • In 10 Years: I will be 21 years old.  I will be engaged to a strong, tall, BYU fan.  I will have already gone on my mission to France and I will have 3 1/2 years of college left.
  • In 20 Years: I will be 31 years old.  I will have an 8 year old girl, Olivia, a 5 year old boy, Brian, and a 3 year old boy, James.  I will also be pregnant with twin girls.  I will live in Oregon near Megan and our kids will be best friends.


  • In 5 Years:  I will be 14 and I will love Seminary and dances.  I will be in 9th Grade and will still play soccer.  Yeah!
  • In 10 Years: I will be 19 and have three more years of BYUI.  I will be engaged after this amazing, tall, strong, handsome, faithful guy.  I will go on a mission to Japan.  I will be a 7 Peaks lifeguard.
  • In 20 Years: I will be 29 and will be pregnant with my 3rd baby girl. I will have to have a ‘sea section’ for my 3rd kid.   I think I will have 5 kids overall… 2 boys and 3 girls.  My job will be a Mom.  I will live in Organ (ha!) with Emily.  Our kid will BFFS!


  • In 5 Years:  I will be 11.  I will be in 6th grade.  I will hav big home work to do.
  • In 10 Years: I will be 16.  I will look cool.  I will dants with girls.  I will be in high school.
  • In 20 Years: I will be 26.  I will be married to a pretty girl.  What should I be?  I don’t want to be a fire fighter cuz then I might die.  I don’t want to be a doctor because then I’ll have to work all day long. … I will be a doctor and work all day long.    (in Picture form… Luke 40  wife: Lillie 41   Kids: Charlie 14, Sam 12, Jack 7, Mary 4, and Jane 1.


  • In 5 Years:  I will be 10 years old.  I’ll be reading scriptures by myself and doing homework.  I’ll be in 5th grade.  I’ll be in Cub Scouts.
  • In 10 Years: I will be 15 years old.  I’ll be in 10th grade at Pine Creek High School.  I’m going to like girls and dances.  I’m going to be a soccer player.
  • In 20 Years: I will be 25 years old.  I’ll get married to a pretty girl.  My wife will have a baby and if it’s a boy it will be Sam and if it’s a girl it will be Amber, because it’s a pretty name.  I’ll have a red car or a BYU car.  (Then he drew a picture of ‘the girl and me getting ready to kiss’.  Then he broke out into song “Kissing, kissing, always kissing.”  So funny!”

January 15, 2015

Catching Up

Two new posts – put in chronological order…

January 14, 2015

Ten for Today

OK.  Today is the day when I start blogging and try to get back on track.  I can’t believe how little I really got recorded last year and I’m hoping this year will be an improvement.  To start off, I’m going to write a little “Ten for Today”.

  1. We had a district pronounced ‘late-start’ because of all the snow this morning.  We were informed last night so we got to sleep in, which was wonderful.   Every tree branch was covered in snow and frozen there and with blankets of white all over the ground and the blue skies above it looked just beautiful.   
  2. I got my first Mammogram today.  Chris booked the appointment for me a month ago, anxious to have it done before we got out of the army.  In the last couple of days I’ve chatted with my girls and  explained the procedure and they cringed and wished me luck.  Truthfully it wasn’t bad at all.   It was kind of fun, since Chris is the Chief of the Mammo Department at the Hospital.  The Mammo techs and department ladies he works with are great. After the images were taken I  popped in next door to where Chris was pulling them up for an OK.   Chris told the ladies that he was going to take me to lunch because of ‘everything I’d been through’ – and the ladies started spouting off additional ‘caring husband to-do’s     --- ‘she needs jewelry too’.   -- ‘and she can’t do the dishes tonight’   -- ‘and she mustn’t do any vacuuming for six weeks’.   -- ‘and a backrub would sure make her feel better.’ It was pretty funny.
  3. We ate lunch at a Thai place together.  We love a good chicken curry with rice.
  4. I worked on the kids Family History binders today.  I’m really motivated to get them all organized.  We read and talked about my ancestor… Samuel Wittwer for FHE last night, which was so interesting.  He was born in Bern, Switzerland – which I’ve been to.  I love Family History.
  5. I ordered a skirt for Mike and Carly’s Wedding.  They are getting married on March 7th in the Gilbert, Arizona Temple and the colors are navy, grey, blush pink and cream.  The men will be in navy suits and the ladies will be in blush pink skirts and cream shirts.  I hope it fits and I like it when it comes…
  6. I couldn’t help but smile as Matt, Luke and I sat in the front room this evening and I listened to them simultaneously read their different leveled BOB books to me.  Nothing like killing two birds with one stone.  They have to read each book twice in a row – the second time with expression – and then they get to put a sticker on the outside of their book.
  7. Chris worked at Memorial tonight so he didn’t get home until 8:30. Tomorrow night too.  He works too much – looking forward to finding out if he’s going to be getting the GS position.  The paperwork is in and we’re just waiting.  But, everything looks good.
  8. My house feels so clean/undecorated with all the Christmas stuff away.  It’s always so fun to get all the Christmas stuff out and so fun to put it all away.   We put it away later than ever this year with so much company in town.
  9. I can hear the constant swish of the washing machine in the room behind me and I’m grateful for kids who switch over the laundry all afternoon and evening.  Megan, Emily, Katie and Ryan have to do fifteen minutes of laundry each day as part of their Responsibility Charts.  They talked me into letting them do double laundry if they could watch a show tonight after everything else was done.  I even rolled my eyes a bit to let them think I was really doing them a favor.  ; )
  10. I love the Stress Relief Eucalyptus Mint Body Wash from Bath and Body Works.   And I love hot baths before bed. : )

December 24, 2014

December Day to Day

This is the third or fourth year I’ve journaled almost the whole December in one big post… and I love it – but it sure does take awhile to put together.  A great month…December iPhone pics-1

Monday, December 1st – We arrived home from our fun St. George Thanksgiving Trip just hours before December began.  At the same time I was flying home from my Grandpa’s funeral, Amy and Chris had just missed their connection in Denver due to weather and were stuck in Denver for the next 24 hours.  They rented a car and came to stay with us.  Still sick, they tried to get some sleep and do some laundry while I took five of my kids to the dentist and managed a cavity-free visit.  Now that’s worth celebrating.  Amy, Chris and I headed to Costa Vida for lunch before they made their way back to the airport.  So fun to see them – but miserable circumstances for them. 

For FHE that night we started our CHRIST-CENTERED CHRISTMAS packets.  It’s been three years since I’d done that with the kids and thought it would be fun to redo.  Our first lesson was on THE LAMB. 

December iPhone pics-2December iPhone pics-6

December iPhone pics-3December iPhone pics-4December iPhone pics-5

Tuesday, December 2nd -  Unfortunately Matt stood on the end of the bathroom stool, which flipped back causing him to smack his chin hard on the bathroom granite, splitting his chin open.  I was right there when it happened and knew it was bad.  Who knew brushing your teeth could be so dangerous.  Off we went, Matt and I, to Memorial North.  We called Chris, who was working at Memorial South to come up and meet us.  He was a brave boy and did great while they gave him a couple stiches.  Poor guy even walked away with a transformer toy from the nurse.

December iPhone pics-7December iPhone pics-8

Friday, December 5th – We kicked off the Holiday Season with an Adult Friend Christmas Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange.  It was so much fun.  We ate, visited, played ‘Telephone Charades’ which was really funny and then exchanged White Elephant Gifts – which was even funnier.  Lots and lots of laughing.  We have so many great friends here – and plenty more we’d love to get to know better.

Saturday, December 6thST. NICHOLAS DAY The kids made sure to put their shoes out the night before and woke up to find them filled with candy.

Early December-12

Unfortunately Luke wasn’t feeling great.  He spent the next couple days lying on the couch, or the floor or sleeping right outside our bedroom door.  So he got his boot brought in and placed next to him.

Early December-4Early December-13

Saturday night I took the kids (minus Luke) to the Stake Crèche and Live Nativity.  This is our second year going and it’s really well done.  Fun to look at all the different kinds of crèches and see where they are from. The live Nativity afterwards was well done.  A great Christmas tradition.

December iPhone pics-12December iPhone pics-14December iPhone pics-9December iPhone pics-16December iPhone pics-10December iPhone pics-15December iPhone pics-13Early December-14

Sunday, December 7th – A great Sunday.   After church we did another Christ Centered Christmas Lesson and then watched the First Presidency Devotional while we did a puzzle.

December Fun-1December Fun-4December Fun-2December Fun-3Early December-15

Tuesday, December 9th – Buddy the Elf came back to us this year.  He doesn’t do crazy or naughty stuff.  He just hangs out – sometimes in the same place for awhile.  He’s pretty laid back but we like him.

December Fun-5December Fun-6December Fun-7

Thursday, December 11thThe First Grade classes in Luke’s school put on a cute Christmas Musical called ‘The Reindeers Won’t Fly’.  Luke’s part was – Present #2  He said his line beautifully and even had a little solo in one of the songs which he was pretty excited about.  Cutest little present around.

Earlier in the week Luke received his glasses.  He had been opening his eyes wide and scrunching his forehead in an unusual way that made me think that he was straining his eyes to see. When I took him in for an eye exam the Ophthalmologist said that he can see great, but his eyes need a longer adjustment period when he changes to focus on something new.  Wearing glasses when he’s at school and changing focus between his work and the white board is especially important.  So really it’s just for school and reading but he’s so darn excited about them he wants to wear them all the time… even to the Christmas Musical.

December iPhone pics-24December iPhone pics-25December iPhone pics-27December iPhone pics-26

Chris and I were able to go see the performance during the day when they performed for the other younger grades – which was great because we got really great seats.  He did such a cute job and definitely gives lots of expression and exudes happiness.  Cute boy.  After he was done he said, “ I want to do it everyday!  It was so fun!  I want to be a rock star by doing it!” So funny.

Ryan took him to the evening performance.  We weren’t able to make it since Chris was working his Tele-radiology Night Job and I had just received a new calling and was going to be set apart at the Stake Center.  I was just recently called as the 2nd Counselor in the Stake Relief Society Presidency.  Brenda Lyman is the President.  Connie Lutz, the 1st counselor, and Teresa Erickson as the Secretary.  Great women.  Excited to start a new calling but sad to leave the YW.  Emily was in tears several times about it since she’ll be heading into Beehives in two weeks. But she’ll do great and love Sis. Budge!

Friday, December 12th – Emily went to the Beehive Christmas Party at Maggie’s house

Saturday, December 13th – We went to see Santa but the line was crazy long so the kids decided to tell their wish list to the Reindeer instead.  Costa Vida for lunch and then a family Christmas shopping excursion – the kind where you split up and hide things from each other.  The kids had been so anxious for that kind of magical shopping.

That night we went to the Ward Christmas Party which was really really well done.  It was called Sounds of the Season and it was hours of back to back Christmasy musical numbers, guitar and piano pieces and soloists.  It was really great.  We ate dinner while listening to music.  Great atmosphere.  Santa came at the end and Luke and Matt were pretty excited. 

December iPhone pics-28December iPhone pics-29December iPhone pics-30

Sunday, December 14th – The kids have a great time playing with each other.  Today almost everyone was making a little town in the hallway.  Then I was banished to my room with hot chocolate since Chris and the kids were wrapping presents. 

 December iPhone pics-20December iPhone pics-31December iPhone pics-22

That night we went to the Colorado Springs North Stake Music Program.  ‘Come Let Me Adore Him’.  Tiffany Hale led the choir and to support her I joined in and had fun singing with Leah.  We sang some great songs and the whole production was amazing.  This stake has some real talent.  I brought the kids early with me (Chris came right in time for the production and then left as soon as it was over since he was on nights) and told Megan, Luke and Matt  to rate each musical number and tell me which ones they liked the best to try to help them stay focused.  When Brother Hale (our neighbor and soloist extraordinaire) sang O Holy Night, the kids gave him 1,00,000 out of 10.  And I’d have to agree with them.  Beautiful.  I love this Stake.


Monday, December 15th – Beautiful Colorado Snow

Dec Snow-2December iPhone pics-47Dec Snow-3Dec Snow-1

We headed over to the Cooks house for FHE to play chimes.  (Chris came late for an hour since he was working nights)   We brought our chimes and everyone was able to have one or two.  Fun to be together.  (This is where we realized Matt’s amazing hula hoop skills that had us laughing SO hard.  Love that kid!)


Tuesday, December 16th – Activity Days Christmas Party for Emily and Megan.  Then off to the Christmas Piano Recital with Sister Cook.  We had it at a Recital Hall so the kids were all able to play on a Grand Piano. (Chris came late for an hour since he was working nights)  It was really great.  Ryan, Katie, Emily and Megan each played a solo piece and a duet.   Three quarters through the program Matt gets off his seat and wanders down the isle to ask me… “Mom, when is it my turn?”  He really thought that he got to have a turn.  When I told him he wasn’t going to get a turn, he was crushed.  He thought he totally deserved a turn since Megan had taught him how to play Jingle Bells. 

December Fun-8December Fun-9December Fun-10December Fun-11December Fun-12December Fun-13

All of Sister Cook’s piano students.

December Fun-15December Fun-16December Fun-17

Thursday, December 18th  

December iPhone pics-48

We went to see Santa at the mall on Thursday night.  Ryan and Katie were busy studying for finals so we just took the youngest four.  After Santa (no iPhone pictures allowed) we took Emily to go get her ears pierced.  It was totally spontaneous – she knew she was getting them done for her  12th birthday and was excited but that was still two weeks away.  She was nervous but did great and was excited to come home and show Katie.

Friday, December 19th   Friday morning I headed to the Commissary to get the bulk of the Walton Christmas Grocery Shopping done.  Then I texted the picture of my grocery cart to my brothers and sisters.  We’re not going to starve!  Back at home we’d been accumulating quite a pile of packages that had been sent to the house.  I wish I would have taken one right before Christmas because the deliveries kept on coming.  This pile doesn’t include Chris and mine which got stored upstairs.  This was really just G&G’s, Dan’s and Amy’s.   

December iPhone pics-33December iPhone pics-32

All the Kids had Christmas Parties but Friday afternoon I went and helped with Megan’s.  Heather had them drawing Christmas pictures on a paper plate on their head and Tiffany and I helped with light bulb reindeer necklaces.  And lots of treats.  Katie came with me since her Finals had finished earlier that morning.  After Megan’s, we popped in to see Matthew during his party.  Boy, are we anxious to have a break from School.  The excitement level is HIGH.

December iPhone pics-34December iPhone pics-35

Friday night Ryan and Katie got some Cordera ward friends together (and Tate) to go Caroling. They did some of the ward members in the neighborhood and then ended at our house.   

 December iPhone pics-36December iPhone pics-37

Saturday, December 20th  Brian arrived at about 5:00 and then we were off.  We started the Walton Christmas Party Week with a trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Electric Safari.  The whole zoo is lit up with lights and we wandered all around seeing animals and taking in the lights.  We went prepared for cold and therefore were warm enough.  So fun to have Brian here.

December iPhone pics-44 December iPhone pics-38December iPhone pics-40December iPhone pics-39December iPhone pics-42December iPhone pics-41

December iPhone pics-45Sunday, December 21st Ward Christmas Program – Katie and I were in the Christmas Sacrament Program – which was so fun.  I love Christmas music.  That night we drove around delivering gifts and cards to our friends and singing our “Snow, Falling through the Air, on a Wintry Night…” Song for those of our friends who we didn’t do it to last year.  Then we had the Russell's come over and play games with us and Brian.  Fun.



Monday, December 22nd – Mom and Dad flew into Denver and Brian and I braved the snowstorm to go pick them up.  I think it was 5 hour round trip because of the weather.  Crazy – but so fun to have them here!!!

Tuesday, December 23rdChristmas Adam!  We decided to open our presents from Ashlyn on Christmas Adam.  She always does such a cute job putting together things for us!.  Chris and I got a beautiful picture of Santa kneeling by the baby Jesus.  Ryan got a Target gift card with a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ List of things to do and take pictures of for a group date.  So cute!! (He did it with two other couples and they all had a great time!!)  Katie got a beautiful map of Paris that we need to get framed!  Emily and Megan got lotions and chap sticks and an Anna doll costume (from Frozen).  Matt and Luke got superhero Lego in cute little bags.  Thanks ASH!!

December iPhone pics-49Christmas Home Decor-31

Grandpa volunteered to go get Dan and family from the Denver Airport which was so nice of him.  Amy, Chris, Jane and Peter arrived driving from Indianapolis just minutes before Mike and Carly arrived driving from Phoenix.  And then Dan, Sarah, Annie, Leah, James and Kate!  A full house – everyone here except Scott and Elisha who will come after Christmas.  

Wednesday, December 24th – Christmas Eve merits it’s own post…

Thursday, December 25th – Christmas Day does too…