November 1, 2014

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

This was the year.  The year the stars aligned and everyone wanted to be a Star Wars character.  You might think that I pressure my kids into a theme.  I don’t.  I used to – but honestly there was very little pressuring and much more excitement at new costumes.  These days I’m surprised that the theme idea is still a big hit.  The kids are coming up with more ideas that we’ll ever have years to do.   Mario characters was a big contender – but in the end they decided on Star Wars.  I was pretty happy with that idea since Matt and Luke already own Star Wars costumes and have never worn them Trick or Treating.  Ryan and Katie did not want to be left out of this years fun either.

kids costume-1

Ryan – Obi Wan Jedi Master

Ryan costume-7Ryan costume-1Ryan costume-6Ryan costume-5Ryan costume-9Ryan costume-2Ryan costume-8

Katie – Awesome Jedi Girl … she told everyone she was Luke Skywalker’s girlfriend.  “It’s recent” she said.

Katie costume-4Katie costume-2Katie costume-3Katie costume-1Katie costume2-1

Emily – Princess Leah – Of course Emily was Princess Leah.  She definitely has the best hair for it.  She loved her costume.  So perfect for her!

Emily Costume-1Emily Costume-5Emily Costume-3Emily Costume-6

Megan – Padma  - Love this girl

Megan costume-1Megan costume-8Megan costume-4Megan costume-2Megan costume-3Megan costume-9Megan costume-5

Luke – Luke Skywalker of course

Luke costume-2Luke costume-9Luke costume-8Luke costume-1Luke costume-11Luke costume-3Luke costume-5Luke costume-6Luke costume-7Luke costume-4Luke costume-10

Matthew – Darth Vader – Matthew loves all things Darth Vader.  Matt sure loved dressing up and really ‘getting into character’.  He was battling everyone and took down Jedi Katie a couple times.  Man, that’s a cute Darth Vader!

Matt costume-1Matt costume-10Matt costume-3Matt costume-12Matt costume-9Matt costume-2Matt costume-6Matt costume-5Matt costume-13Matt costume-11

Such a fun Halloween week.  On Wednesday we had the Ward Trunk or Treat and Carnival which was really well done and had a lot of fun activities.   On Friday, Halloween night,  we had 9 families of Cordera friends over for crock pot soups and then trick or treating, games of pool, pumpkin bars, hot apple cider, Hotel Transylvania movie for the kids and lots of talking.  Such a great night.  I love that we have so many good friends here!

October 22, 2014

My Beehives–A few months worth of iPhone photos of Fun Youth Activities

Dodge ball with the Deacons


5 Things in a Bag


This was a fun ‘Get to Know you Activity with some of the new Beehives that had just moved up.  They each handed me their brown bags with their five things and we guessed who each belonged to.  Then they were quizzed on everyone’s five things.  Katie’s five things are on the left.  Mine on the right.  Both were very obvious and guessed in a second.

Minute to Win it Games – A big hit for my Beehive Class

 iPhone Minute to Win It-1iPhone Minute to Win It-2iPhone Minute to Win It-3iPhone Minute to Win It-4iPhone Minute to Win It-5

Youth Temple TripIMG_1856


For the Strength of Youth Skit Night – These crazy girls brought props and had to write and act skits with their assigned props for their assigned Church Standards.  A fun night being creative and silly.  Officially Katie’s last Beehive Activity.

beehive skit night-1

Dance Festival – So much fun to watch all our youth participate in this big event.  LOTS more pictures and a post to come.


Ice Blocking – the Traditional Back to School YM/YW Super Activity – August (Chris was working so I took all my kids to join in the fun.  They loved it.)  I love that our Young Women are such good friends.

Ice blocking-1Ice blocking-2Ice blocking-5Ice blocking-3Ice blocking-4Ice blocking-6Ice blocking-7Ice blocking-9Ice blocking-8Ice blocking-13Ice blocking-16Ice blocking-10Ice blocking-12Ice blocking-15Ice blocking-14

Individual Worth #3  …Do all you can to build others and make them feel of worth.  Every day for two weeks notice the worthwhile qualities and attributes of others.  Acknowledge them verbally or in writing…

My cute Beehive Presidency came up with this fun idea.  They had to stand by the white board and NOT LOOK while we wrote everything we love about them.  Then I took a picture and gave it to them at the big reveal… the next activity where we decorated notebooks using the pictures.  Fun idea.


#YoungWomeninExcellence – We had a great Young Women in Excellence Night.  We had 8 value tables and had the girls sign up to display one of their Young Women Value Projects or Experiences on a table so they were equally distributed.  Then each one of the girls who had already completed their Personal Progress was in charge of a value table.  The Young Women and their moms were invited and each sat around a different value table and rotated spending 4 minutes at each table learning about that value and getting some ‘take home’ ideas ready to work on their own Personal Progress.  It was such a great idea night and was so fun to see those cute girls share their testimonies and the things they learned working on their projects.  We have great YW!  We started with a song and prayer and then Sam, our Laurel president talked for a minute about our social media theme that we've been talking about in Young Women’s lately.  After being inspired by this talk from David A. Bednar I taught a combined YW lesson about how we can use social media for good.  Then our smart laurels thought we should expand this topic into our Young Women in Excellence night.  Sam gave a powerful testimony about the things we’ve learned from Elder Bednar and about how – just like Social Media – Personal Progress isn’t about something you do but the way we live. She did a great job.   I made invitations to look like an Instagram and then went hashtag happy on the value posters for each table… When the girls walked in the room they picked up a folder to keep all of their ‘take home ideas’ – one for each value  that the Laurels prepared so the girls would have some ideas and Experiences to get started on.  It was a fun night.

Our invitation…invitation4x6

Value posters for each table…

values hashtags faithvalues hashtag Divine Naturevalues hashtag indiv worthvalues hashtag knowledgeValues hashtag Choice&Accountabilityvalues hashtags GoodWorksvalues hashtags integrityvalues virtue hashtag

Folder tags… and a Welcome frame…

values green tagvalues hashtag welcome



Katie made her display about her Good Works Project and did a great job.