April 9, 2015

12 Birthdays for Emily…

Emily had a project the other day which required her and I to sit down and look through some of her childhood pictures.  It took us an hour at least and it made me want to pull out some birthday pictures and see how she’s grown. 

Emily’s Turns 1 {In Canada at G&G Walton’s house }

Sweet little one year old.  My mom made the cake for her. She got a teddy bear, a book and some Little Fisher people and toys.

emily's birthdays-1emily's birthdays-2emily's birthdays-3

Emily – 16 Months  { In DuPont, Washington – Just because I love these pictures of her }

emily's birthdays-4emily's birthdays-5emily's birthdays-6

Emily turns 2  { In DuPont, Washington }

So excited to open presents.  The bottom middle picture is her seeing her present and having just said, ‘open it!’ Loved her little princess dolls.

Emmy's Birthdayemily's birthdays-7Emmy saying OPEN ITEmmy SO happy

Emily turns 3 { In DuPont, Washington }

This girl was very much into Dora the Explorer.  Oh boy was she excited to see a new figurine of Diego and some more Dora toys.  Such a cute reaction.  Look at all that hair for a three year old.

emily's birthdays-8emily's birthdays-9emily's birthdays-10emily's birthdays-12

Emily turns 4  { In DuPont, Washington } 

Emily celebrated with a plate piled high of donuts at Grandma and Grandpa Walton’s house in Canada and then went back to Washington where her one present was waiting for her… a big Dora ATV.  Love that picture of her!

emily's birthdays-13emily's birthdays-14emily's birthdays-15

Emily turns 5 { in Midland, Georgia }

What a sweetheart.  Emily was excited to read every word of every card since she was an expert reader.  Cute that she closed her eyes so tight to make a wish.

DSC_0859emily's birthdays-17DSC_0855emily's birthdays-16

Emily turns 6  { In Midland, Georgia }

A Princess Birthday party with all her Walton cousins.  So much fun playing Bingo, dressing up in princess dresses and twirling!

emily's birthdays-22emily's birthdays-18emily's birthdays-21emily's birthdays-23

Emily turns 7  { in Midland, Georgia } 

The funniest thing about this birthday was that 2 year old Luke was SO MAD that he couldn’t open her presents but then at the end when we told him to smile with Emily he totally did.  Emily learned to ride a bike on this birthday!

emily title pageluke opening (2)luke opening 2luke openingemily and lukekids

Emily turns 8  { In Heidelberg, Germany }

Emily waned ‘make your own pizza’s, fancy lemonade and brownie bites for her birthday.  Grandma and Grandpa Johnson were visiting and were able to be there when she got baptized later in the day.  She was really excited about her own set of scriptures.

emily's birthdays-27emily's birthdays-26emily's birthdays-28emily's birthdays-29

Emily turns 9  { in Heidelberg, Germany }

Emily got an American Girl Horse, a new purse from Italy and a yellow sweatshirt she didn’t take off for months.  Emily’s favorite thing about this birthday was that as soon as she finished opening her presents we left for France to go ice skating. Fun.

Emily1Emily3Emily22emily's birthdays-32

Emily turns 10 { in Heidelberg, Germany }

Books, headphones, clothes… and fun handwritten cards and activities from the other kids – a special bike ride with Ryan.  That night we went with Ryan, Katie and Emily to the Hobbit in Manheim.

emily's birthdays-38emily's birthdays-37

Emily turns 11 { in Colorado Springs, Colorado }

This girl loves books.  Grandma & Grandpa Walton and Brian and Mike were here to help celebrate.  (I love Chris poking his head out behind the crowd getting the cake ready)

Emily's birthday-12emily's birthdays-39Emily's birthday-21Emily's birthday-22Emily's birthday-25

Emily turns 12  { in Colorado Springs, Colorado } 

Emily had the whole Walton family here again to celebrate.  There are some perks to having a Christmas time birthday. Twelve is a BIG birthday around here.  Emily has been counting down the days till she would be in Young Women’s.  Her big present was a big box of Young Women Themed things… books, journals, book marks, YW necklace etc. The other big present was getting her ears pierced… which happened a few weeks before her birthday.  Growing up. 

emily's birthday-1emily's birthday-2emily's birthday-4emily's birthday-3emily's birthday-8emily's birthday-5emily's birthday-6emily's birthday-7

A maxi skirt, and a Mary Engelbreit calendar, a Value Journal Set and a Temple Journal…

emily's birthday-9emily's birthday-10emily's birthday-11emily's birthday-12

Yummy Nothing Bundt Cakes for everyone and a mini just for her. 

emily's birthday-13emily's birthday-14emily's birthday-15emily's birthday-16emily's birthday-17