March 31, 2014

St. George for Spring Break

We had a fun spring break.  We left the cool Spring breeze of Colorado Springs and headed 10 hours south west to St. George for a warm Spring breeze.  It really was the perfect weather to enjoy lots of fun outdoor activities. 

Friday- Saturday 

We planned on leaving early Saturday morning but when we saw a snowstorm headed for our I-70 route we opted to head out Friday night and beat it.  When we told the kids we were going to try and leave in two hours, they were pretty excited and we got everything ready and on the road by 8:30.   With only a couple of stops and a midnight viewing of ‘Dan in Real Life’, we pulled into Grandma and Grandpa’s St. George house at 6:30 in the morning.  We tucked the kids in sleeping bags on the floor and Chris and I went to sleep ourselves.  The kids didn’t last long and got up to eat, play and go to the pool with Grandma.  I slept till 9:30 and then ironed clothes and then read my book outside on a patio chair welcoming the sun.  Boy does it feel good to be warm!  Great weather to start a fun week.  When Chris woke up at 1:00 we ate tacos, organized our room and read some more while the little kids threw rocks in the pond out back.


Megan and Luke in front of Grandma and Grandpa Johnson’s St. George house

In the afternoon we headed over to the St. George park to eat pizza, play baseball and have a couple of Bocce games – which Del and I dominated.  I can’t remember the last time we played baseball at the park – definitely high up on our St. George to do list.


Then we made a quick trip to Target and got home right in time to welcome Nikole, Tyler, Spencer, Kayla and Bode and Ashlyn, Derek and Dallas who drove down to spend the week with us.  So excited to see our cousins!!When we finally put the chaos to bed we taught Ashlyn and Tyler how to play 7Wonders (Game of the Week) and then talked with Nikole and Ashlyn until 3:00am.  Just fun to talk and get caught up – We missed you Linds!!


Sunday we slept in and went to church at 11:00 and then walked across the street to the St. George Temple to walk around. 

St. George Temple-1St. George Temple-2St. George Temple-3

St. George Temple-4St. George Temple-5St. George Temple-6St. George Temple-7St. George Temple-8St. George Temple-10St. George Temple-11St. George Temple-9St. George Temple-12St. George Temple-13

I just love the St. George Temple.  My parents were married here and it’s just gorgeous. 

St. George Temple-14 

Back at home I enjoyed a long nap while Chris and his sisters took the kids for a walk.  Then we ate manicotti, went on a little adult Sunday drive to Sand Hollow to check out new homes and then enjoyed a night full of 7Wonders.


Monday I worked out at the community center gym while Chris, Ryan, Katie and Grandpa golfed.  Then we  took the kids over to the pool to swim.


We grabbed Jimmy John’s for lunch and then played some after-lunch games of 7Wonders.  You know it’s a relaxed vacation when you can play board games in the middle of the afternoon.  Late afternoon we took off to hike the crack and wander up to the historic Lover’s Arch. 

Narrows Hike-1

The kids and I took off to make it through the crack.  Chris took some nephews up and met us at the top.

Narrows Hike-2Narrows Hike-6Narrows Hike-3

Spencer showing off his muscles…

Narrows Hike-4Narrows Hike-5Narrows Hike-7Narrows Hike-9Narrows Hike-8Narrows Hike-10Narrows Hike-11

Lover’s Arch…

Narrows Hike-12Narrows Hike-13Narrows Hike-14Narrows Hike-15Narrows Hike-17

We grabbed Chick-fil-A with our Dixie Direct coupons and then headed over to the park again to eat dinner and play some more baseball with all the cousins.

Park Fun-1Park Fun-11Park Fun-2Park Fun-3

Cute Dallas (one year old) and Cute Bode (two years old)…

Park Fun-4Park Fun-6Park Fun-5Park Fun-7Park Fun-10Park Fun-13Park Fun-14Park Fun-17Park Fun-18Park Fun-19

Beautiful Kayla…

Park Fun-20

Silly Matt (almost five) …

Park Fun-21Park Fun-24Park Fun-22Park Fun-23

Cool Spencer…

Park Fun-25

After the kids went to bed we watched CATCHING FIRE downstairs with popcorn.  Katie was so excited to see it again since it was just released on video.  It was a big ‘to-do’ on her St. George list.  Happy girl.


After working out at the gym with Chris we took the whole crew to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a fun yummy restaurant Grandma and Grandpa had recently discovered.  We seldom take all the kids out to eat so it was a treat… for them, not for us. ; )


These boys sure devoured their breakfast crepe though.  They wouldn’t even look up.


After breakfast we went out to the Sand Dunes in Snow Canyon.  Turns out it was the hottest day of the week and with little breeze it was pretty desert-like.  The kids didn’t want to leave though…

Sand Dunes-1Sand Dunes-2Sand Dunes-3Sand Dunes-4Sand Dunes-5Sand Dunes-7Sand Dunes-12Sand Dunes-8Sand Dunes-6Sand Dunes-9Sand Dunes-10Sand Dunes-13Sand Dunes-14Sand Dunes-15Sand Dunes-20Sand Dunes-18 

When the kids could finally be convinced to leave (I was dying of heat) we headed straight to SWIG to pick up Mountain Dew WILD (with Mango flavoring) and some more ‘to die for’ Sugar Cookies and met at the St. George Splash Park.

Splash Park and Pool-2Splash Park and Pool-1Splash Park and Pool-3

And then raced over to the indoor pool at the neighborhood community center.  So much fun playing with Dad – everyone loves that he’s in there… especially me!

Splash Park and Pool-4Splash Park and Pool-5

Shelley and I picked up Café Rio and we ate it at home, played some more 7Wonders and stayed up talking till 1:30.


Wednesday Chris, Ryan, Del and Katie golfed while we took the younger kids over to the St. George Children’s Museum.  My kids had a GREAT time… it was really fun.


My kids especially liked the market.  Spencer and Megan were the check out clerks and everyone else shopped while Emily put all the groceries back into their organized spots.  Even after they explored the whole museum they came back to the market for more fun.


The Castle Room… fun to dress up as knights and dragons.


Matt and Luke had a lot of fun flying the airplane.  Matt especially liked pretending he was the luggage.


                                Pool fun-1Pool fun-2 

Back to the pool with Dad.  Luke and Matt took off their water wings and did some great swimming to Dad.  Proud of those water boys.



Thursday was a pretty relaxed day.  Chris and I went to go work out and then came back and chatted with Rob who stopped in to say HI after a work meeting he had in St. George that morning.  Then Chris, Ryan, Katie and Del went golfing again and Nikole, Ashlyn and I grabbed Jimmy John’s and SWIG and headed to the park for a late lunch.  It was cold day so I bundled up in a blanket from the van while the kids played.  We didn’t last too long.

playing at the park-1playing at the park-2playing at the park-3


Friday Chris, Emily, Megan and I golfed Southgate.  It was a beautiful morning and so much fun.  My putting was atrocious but I had some good drives.

golf day-2golf day-6golf day-3golf day-4golf day-7golf day-8golf day-10golf day-12golf day-9golf day-11

These guys have had a blast together all week. Fun silly cousins.

golf day-13golf day-14golf day-15

Chris and I took our crew to Habit Burger for lunch and then came back to play a couple games of 7Wonders.  That night we went to the park and ate Café Rio and then had everyone with upcoming birthdays open some presents. Then Chris, Ryan, Katie and all the adults took off to go see DIVERGENT.  I haven’t read the book yet so I let both my anxious teens go and stayed home to read a book.

golf day-16


Saturday I exercised while Chris went golfing at SUNBROOK with Del, John and Kyle.

I did a little photo-shoot of Bode… (just about to turn two)

Bode by the Rocks-4Bode Truck-9

Bode White Door-10Bode White Door-16Bode White Door-1Bode White Door-15

And Dallas… (just turned one)  What cuties!!!

Dallas Rocks Close Up-1Dallas Rocks Close Up-2Dallas Rocks Close Up-3Dallas Rocks Close Up-4

Dallas Rocks-2Dallas Rocks-4

Then we ate sandwiches and went over to the close park and played Bocce, football, soccer and the little kids entertained themselves playing in the volleyball sand pit and at the playground.   

last day park fun-1

last day park fun-3last day park-1last day park-2last day park-3last day park-4last day park-6last day park-7last day park-9last day park-11

All the cousins (minus Lindsey’s three girls!)

last day park-8last day park-12last day park-10last day park-13

Ashlyn playing Lawn Bingo with some of the boys…

last day park-14

After the park the adults headed over to Benja’s Thai House for great food and no kids.  Then back home for more 7Wonders games and up late talking and booking the campground for our next family trip.  It was a fun week!