May 9, 2014

Matt turns Five

Matt's Fifth Birthday-1Matt's Fifth Birthday-2

Matthew’s birthday was on a busy Thursday and there was no way we had time to celebrate with the whole family.  Instead we decided we’d move his ‘birthday party’ to Friday night… but on his actual birthday Matthew and I had a special date to Barnes and Noble where he got to pick out his free birthday cupcake and then shop for a book.  When we found this one we sat down in the isle and I read him every page.  Fun to spend the time together.  He was excited to show it to the other guys in the house and now he and Luke quote the book and talk about it all the time.

Matt's Fifth Birthday-4Matt's Fifth Birthday-6Matt's Fifth Birthday-7Matt's Fifth Birthday-8

Three presents from Mom and Dad.  Present #1: A Star Wars Darth Vader Chair, which he is pretty excited about.  He had a small ‘anywhere chair’ for years which he carried around everywhere and finally outgrew.  He’s pretty thrilled with his replacement and for the rest of the day kept saying, “I just want to play with my chair.”  Megan’s pretty excited about it too.

Matt's Fifth Birthday-11Matt's Fifth Birthday-12

A card and a kiss from Emily.

Matt's Fifth Birthday-13

A card and a kiss from Megan.

Matt's Fifth Birthday-14Matt's Fifth Birthday-15

Present #2: a Darth Vader backpack for Kindergarten next year.  Love that picture on the right.  He was ecstatic!  Both of these things I’ve had for months because of a great sale.

Matt's Fifth Birthday-16Matt's Fifth Birthday-17Matt's Fifth Birthday-18Matt's Fifth Birthday-19Matt's Fifth Birthday-20

Present #3: A Darth Vader pillow for his bed.  See a theme?

Matt's Fifth Birthday-21Matt's Fifth Birthday-22

Love this kid so much.

Matt's Fifth Birthday-23Matt's Fifth Birthday-24Matt's Fifth Birthday-25

Knight Playmobil from Grandma and Grandpa Walton.  So excited to have some ‘bad guys’ to add to his collection.

Matt's Fifth Birthday-9Matt's Fifth Birthday-10

Matt's Fifth Birthday-26

What a happy boy!

Matt's Fifth Birthday-27Matt's Fifth Birthday-28Matt's Fifth Birthday-29Matt's Fifth Birthday-31Matt's Fifth Birthday-30Matt's Fifth Birthday-32Matt's Fifth Birthday-34

April 26, 2014

A Friend Party for Megan

Megan's Party Invite copyMegan Friend Party-5

Megan’s birthday was in the beginning of April but with so much going on we couldn’t figure out a party time until the end of the month.  As it was we had five soccer games that day.  Luckily a friend offered to give Ryan a ride up to Denver for his game so I had a couple of afternoon hours to pull everything together for Megan and the girls. 

updated treats-3Megan Friend Party-2

This cute little frame is my future summer extra job chart but I thought I’d use it for her party.  Katie helped me by printing out cards with all of the party activities.  Each girl got to take a turn picking what we would do next.  I asked Katie and her friend Brooklyn to be in charge of games and to help with crowd control – which worked out great!!

Megan Friend Party-4Megan Friend Party-6

First, Tacos for dinner.

Megan Friend Party-9Megan Friend Party-8Megan Friend Party-10Megan Friend Party-11Megan Friend Party-12

Next someone picked ‘Say Happy Birthday to Megan!’ and then ‘Open Presents from the birthday chart.  Megan got some fun things from her friends…

Megan Friend Party-13Megan Friend Party-14Megan Friend Party-15Megan Friend Party-16Megan Friend Party-17Megan and Lizzy-1

An art set from Brooklyn, books from Naomi (both friends from Germany) painting horses kit and extra rubber bands from Sydney, a doll hair kit from Brynnley, a gift card from Sara, and a bag to color from Lizzy.  Claire couldn’t come to the party but she stopped by earlier and dropped off her present… a cute purse and lip gloss… which was so nice of her.  Megan has a great group of friends here.  There’s roughly 25 girls in her Activity Days Group. 

Megan Friend Party-18

After ‘Opening Presents’ someone picked ‘Play Pictionary’ so we moved to the dining room to play.

Megan Friend Party-7Megan Friend Party-19Megan Friend Party-20

Next picked was to ‘Give Megan a big hug and then ‘Eat brownies.Megan Friend Party-21Megan Friend Party-22Megan Friend Party-23Megan Friend Party-24

Katie and Brooklyn took the girls downstairs to ‘Play Twister’ and goof around until their parents came while I tied tags on these jars and cleaned the kitchen.  Love those teens.   Once all the girls left then I took Ryan to a Multi-Stake Dance and then dropped Brooklyn off – all while Chris worked downstairs the entire evening.  Busy day, but glad we fit in a fun party for Megan!  Love that girl.

Megan Friend Party-25