August 31, 2014

Colorado Springs Balloon Glow

balloon glow-3

The Staffords, friends in the Pine Creek Ward, invited us to head to the Annual Labor Day Balloon Glow with them on Saturday night.  We parked and walked into the Centennial Park, set out our blankets and talked until it got dark.  It was fun that you could get up close to the balloons as they filled up.  As a big crowd, we counted down from five and then all of the balloons lit up at once – over and over again.  The boys thought it was pretty great.  Reminded me of the Balloon Glow that happened each year at Callaway Gardens in Columbus, Georgia. 

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August 15, 2014

Favorite Moments of Summer 2014

Oh my goodness… did we ever have a full and fun summer!  For Family Home Evening the other night the kids and I made our ‘Favorite Moments of Summer’ list.  We started out thinking we’d list our top FIVE… but then we got going and listed our top TEN and then when we heard what other people were listing we just threw away the whole notion of limiting our favorite summer moments and wrote down however many we thought of…


  • Running from Spruce Mountain to the van in an afternoon lightning and thunder storm
  • Summer points for the kids
  • Solo Experience at Girls Camp – Being there with Katie
  • Seeing my “Maryland Friends” for a 4 hour lunch at Brick Oven
  • Hanging out with Amy for the day before she moved
  • Seven Peaks Waterslides with my excited boys
  • Watching Matt swim like a fish at our community pool
  • Traditional post-EFY IHOP breakfast with the Astons and Gillespies
  • Going to the Lego movie with the boys on either side of me repeating every line
  • Dress Shopping with my Mom and Amy at Guilford
  • Watching 24 with Chris and Ryan every week.
  • Driving to the top of Pikes Peak with Dan and Sarah and finding great places to climb and beautiful stormy sky views
  • Camping at Smith and Morehouse with Chris’ family – so fun
  • Hearing about all Ryan and Katie’s fun dances, parties, crushes, dates, EFY and swing rehearsals
  • Watching the scavenger hunt pictures at Ryan’s 16th Birthday party
  • A hilarious game of hand and foot with Mike, Nikole, Ashlyn and Lindsey
  • Out to a Thai place and movie with Dan and Sarah
  • Being with my Dad in Canada on Father’s Day
  • Katie and I birthday shopping at the outlet mall
  • The Provo Food Truck Roundup with Amy, Chris, Scott and Elisha
  • Catching up with the Chuggs in Utah


  • Aaron’s Camp – Turkey, The Spirit, No Phones, No Girls – HOLD TO THE ROD
  • The first Dance of EFY – ‘Be a Man’, GIRLS
  • Grandma’s House – Board Games, 7 Wonders with Aunts and Uncles
  • Babysitting siblings and watching Pokémon episodes with them
  • Temple Trip with Friends
  • Missionary Tag and Night Games with friends
  • That one time – Nacho Libre
  • That other time – Lord of the Rings
  • Swing Dancing Group A, B3 and C
  • Playing Dominion with Dan and Sarah
  • Hiking with my Family – Guns and Grenades, Pokémon Theme Song, Running in the Rain
  • My 16th Birthday Party –Watermelon, Kisses on the Cheek, Games
  • Going to How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Awesome.
  • Lego Movie
  • Hanging out with Tate – Pokémon Rumble, Frisbee, Basketball, SSBB
  • Watching World Cup Soccer – USA!!  Germany!!!!!! vs. Brazil at EFY


  • Going to the Colorado Springs Zoo with Dan, Sarah and kids
  • C Swing Dance rehearsals and the other swing classes and dances!
  • Night games with friends
  • Girls Camp – The Bear Spray and the Rain
  • 4th of July – Singing and Dancing right in front of the Speakers
  • Staying up really late with Cousins for my birthday
  • Skyping Scott with Annie, Leah, Emily and Megan
  • Jane Silva saying ‘AWESOME’ seeing the boys glow in the dark stars
  • Camping and fishing with the Johnsons
  • Hiking Spruce Mountain with my family
  • Reading the letter from Dad during my solo experience
  • Shopping with my Mom at the Outlet Mall
  • Seeing movies at the Movie Theater: Maleficent, How to Train your Dragon 2, The Lego Movie, Mr. Peabody and Sherman
  • My 14th Birthday Party with Friends


  • Playing with Jane in Canada
  • Seeing Maleficent at the Movie Theater with Annie and Leah
  • Making Smores while camping with the Johnsons
  • Watching Pokémon with Ryan
  • Going to 7 Peaks with Molly, Foster, Annie, Leah and James
  • Sleeping in our room with Annie and Leah
  • Playing with Jane at our house
  • Running in the rain and thunder at Spruce Mountain
  • Watching the teenagers at Ryan's Birthday Party
  • Seeing cousins at Grandma Johnson’s house everyday


  • Roasting smores while camping with the Johnsons
  • Holding Peter
  • Watching Pokémon episodes with Ryan
  • Catching my first fish
  • 7 Peaks with Molly, Annie and Leah
  • Making Disney dances with Molly
  • Going to Maleficent with Annie and Leah
  • Playing at parks
  • Going to the Zoo with Dan and Sarah
  • Playing on the trampoline with Annie and Leah
  • Making clubs with Annie and Leah
  • Hiking Spruce Mountain
  • Watching Peabody and Sherman at the Dollar Theater with Katie
  • Watching the scavenger hunt pictures at Ryan’s birthday party
  • Movie nights
  • Pine Creek Soccer Camp
  • Singing and dancing in front of the stage with Haylee before fireworks
  • Playing with Jane
  • Watching the Lego Movie
  • Nate – He’s awesome.
  • Camping in our backyard even though it didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to turn out
  • Driving to the top of Pikes Peak
  • The Girls Club while camping
  • Damning the water with Annie and Leah
  • Watching the World Cup Soccer games
  • Grandma Walton’s pie
  • Playing O Heck with Grandpa Walton


  • Playing Wii
  • Pine Creek Soccer Camp
  • Camping with the Johnsons
  • Watching Pokémon with Ryan and playing with the Pokémon figurines
  • Watching Matt do cool tricks at the swimming pool
  • Jumping on the trampoline
  • Going on the waterslides at Seven Peak – especially the green one


  • Playing Wii on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Learning how to ride my bike in front of the house
  • Swimming at the pool and taking swimming lessons
  • Going on the waterslides
  • Watching the Lego Movie


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